Charipins (Hym.: Figitidae: Charipinae) and aphid mummies:knowledge review about these secondary parasitoidsof aphids populations (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on oaks


Abstract: Charipins are small wasps that develop in other secondary parasitoid wasp parasitoids.Two genera, Allosxysta and Phaenoglyphis, attack aphid mummies. Based on the example ofhuman mummies, we present the mummies of aphids and the importance of Charipidae in foodchains that control aphids’ populations. We summarize the data on the diversity of aphids thatmake damages on oaks in the Circmumediterranean region, especially the cork oak, as well as thehistorical knowledge on charipins in this region and results of recent studies on their taxonomyand phylogeny.

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