Check-list of native natural enemies of phytophagous mites in Slovenia


Abstract: With the aim of biological control of phytophagous mites, we have systematically monitored the distribution of their natural enemies in Slovenia since 2006. The occurrence of Amblyseius andersoni, Amblyseius barkeri, Neoseiulus californicus, and Typhlodromus pyri were confirmed with research and all four species of predatory mites are already listed on the List of native biological control agents, which enables their use in environmentally acceptable ways of controlling phytophagous mites. In this paper, we list additional 40 species of natural enemies of phytophagous mites, majority of which belongs to the family Phytoseiidae. It is very likely that some of these species will find place on the Positive list of EPPO in the near future.

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