Checklist of natural enemies of Orgyia trigotephras Boisduval, 1829 (Erebidae, Lymantriinae) in Tunisia


Abstract: The present study aims to report the natural enemy complex of the tussock moth,
Orgyia trigotephras, which is considered one of the most serious pests of Quercus spp. in
Tunisia. Investigations were conducted from 2013 to 2018 in northeastern (Cap-Bon) and
northwestern (Sejnane) part of Tunisia. Larvae, pupae, and egg masses were collected from
infested Quercus coccifera trees and kept individually for rearing, and the emergence of
parasitoids was checked periodically. A total of 13 parasitoid species and 2 predator species
species emerged from samples. In particular, three (3), nine (9), and three (3) species emerged from O. trigotephras eggs, larvae, and pupae, respectively. The most abundant species were the egg parasitoid Aprostocetus sp., and the larval parasitoid Compsilura concinnata.

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