Chlorantraniliprole (Rynaxypyr®, Coragen®, Altacor®) key featuresfor sustainable control of Tuta absoluta


Abstract: Chlorantraniliprole (Rynaxypyr®) is a novel diamide insecticide by DuPont withoutstanding performance on Tuta absoluta and an extremely low mammalian toxicity profile.Tested on T. absoluta since 2002 in Brasil at the DuPont R&D Station in Paulinia, early resultsindicated a new standard of T. absoluta control, even on insecticide-resistant populations. Since2007 numerous field and laboratory studies have been carried out in the Mediterranean region byDuPont and independent researchers. These studies have contributed to in-depth knowledge of itsfeatures and to finalize the recommendations for use in a European IPM context. This reviewprovides a selection of field and laboratory observations relative to the product selectivity to keynatural enemies and the baseline sensitivity of T. absoluta populations from the Mediterraneancountries and the product best use strategy for IRM (Insecticide Resistance Management).

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