Combined application of Pseudomonas biocontrol agents and elicitors for thecontrol of postharvest decay of citrus fruit


Abstract: Experimental trials were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of antagonisticP. syringae strains in combination with hot water, sodium carbonate (SC), acibenzolar-Smethyl(ASM) and chitosan in controlling Penicillium digitatum, the causal agent of greenmould of citrus. Incidence and severity of disease were consistently reduced when sodiumcarbonate treatments were followed by P. syringae inoculation. In this case, the level ofcontrol was superior to P. syringae used alone. Treatments with antagonistic P. syringaestrains and hot water were more effective in controlling decay of citrus than either bacteria orhot water alone. Similarly, the combination of ASM and P. syringae strains resulted in asynergistic inhibition of the green mold. Also mixtures of P. syringae and chitosansignificantly reduced the incidence and severity of green mold and the control was moreeffective than treatments with chitosan alone. These results indicate that biocontrol agentsand physical or chemical elicitors, used in appropriate combination, can provide a strongerprotection than they do when used singularly.

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