Control of Oriental Fruit Moth, Cydia molesta Busck, by Isomate OFM-Rosso Dispensers in Peach Orchards of Bulgaria – Preliminary Results


Abstract: Peach is the major fruit in South-East Bulgaria. Its main pest is the oriental fruit moth (OFM), Cydia molesta Busck. For a long time pest management in stone fruit production in Bulgaria relied on organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides. Although originally quite effective, recently their effectiveness decreased, apparently due to the resistance developed in many pests. Hence, alternative means of control are urgently needed. The most common environmentally friendly methods are those related to sex pheromones. Until recently, their use has been limited mainly to monitoring, aiming at precise timing and reduction of chemical treatments. Mating disruption (MD) presents a more promising solution, however. The trials on mating disruption in the present study were carried out with Isomate OFM rosso dispensers (Shin-Etsu, Japan) in an isolated 10-ha peach orchard in 2007 and 2008. Pheromone trap catches were completely inhibited in the MD block whereas they were numerous in the reference, i.e. conventionally treated orchard. The Isomate OFM rosso dispensers, installed before the first flight of OFM at the rate of 500 units per ha, efficiently reduced fruit damage – down to 0.1- 0.2% at harvest. In the reference orchard, with 5-6 insecticide treatments against OFM, damage still reached 5-6%. The results indicate that mating disruption for control of oriental fruit moth may be effective in Bulgaria. Its use will be helpful in meeting the requirements of EU for residues free fruit production.

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