Control of plum fruit moth, Grapholita funebrana,by Isomate OFM rosso dispensers, in plum orchards of Bulgaria


Abstract: The plum fruit moth, Grapholita (syn. Cydia) funebrana (Tr.), is the most difficultinsect to control in plum orchards of Bulgaria. Economic trends in world fruit production as wellas high ecological flexibility and tolerance to some diseases and pests make plum one of the mostsuitable fruit crop for ecologically sound agriculture. However, until now, pest management instone fruit in Bulgaria has relied mainly on organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides.Considering EU requirements as well as the need for environmentally friendly fruit production,alternative means of control of the plum fruit moth are urgently needed. Trials on matingdisruption (MD) with Isomate OFM rosso dispensers (Shin-Etsu, Japan) were carried out in anisolated 50-ha plum orchard in two consecutive years. Catches of male moths in pheromone trapswere completely inhibited in the MD block, whereas they were numerous in the reference,conventionally treated orchard, during both years of study. Isomate OFM rosso dispensers,installed before the first flight of Grapholita funebrana males, reduced fruit damage significantly.The percentage of fruits containing plum fruit moth larvae was below the economic injury level(EIL). The positive results obtained in this study indicate that mating disruption may be aneffective alternative to conventional insecticides. The studies are being continued.

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