Current status of grapevine leafminers in north-eastern Italy


Abstract: Up to 2007, two species of grapevine leafminers were known in Italy as well as inEurope: Phyllocnistis vitegenella Clemens and Holocacista rivillei (Stainton). They are usuallyconsidered minor pests and do not require specific control measures. However, an increasingimportance of these pests has been observed in north-eastern Italy in recent growing seasons. Anadditional leafminer species belonging to the genus Antispila was also detected in 2007 in northeasternItaly. The origin of this species, which is new for Europe, is still unknown. The phenology,pest status, and natural control of these leafminer species have been investigated in a number ofvineyards located in the Veneto and Trentino regions. The implications of leafminer occurrence forintegrated pest management (IPM) on grapevines are discussed.

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