Development of a biopesticide prototype based on the yeast Rhodotorula glutinis Lv316 for controlling Botrytis cinerea in blackberry


Abstract: A biopesticide prototype based on a strain of Rhodotorula glutinis Lv316 that exhibit ahigh biocontrol activity against Botrytis cinerea was formulated as a concentrate suspension.A culture medium was developed to reach a yield of 6×109 cell/ml in batch fermenter for both13-l. Two biopesticide prototypes were developed, one of them was supplemented with an opticalbrighteners which conferred a high UV-B protection (62%). Both presented high biocontrolactivity since their efficacy ranged from 55 to 65% in a blackberry commercial crop, comparedwith 45 and 26% disease reduction using a chemical treatment difenoconazol and carbendazim,respectively.

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