Development of formulations based on Isaria fumosorosea (Hypocreales:Cordycipitaceae) for the biological control of Bemisia tabaci(Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)


Abstract: The whitefly Bemisia tabaci causes very important losses in more than 500 species ofplants such as tomato, cucumber, beans, potato, cotton, melon, peanut, soybean and others(Rodríguez & Cardona, 2001). Two formulations (P1 and P2) designed as wettable powdersbased on I. fumosorosea (Pc013) were developed for the control of Bemisia tabaci. For bothformulations, P1 and P2, two different conidia harvesting processes were evaluated. After sixmonths of storage at 8ºC formulation P1 germination was reduced by 34.35%, while it remainedabove 85% in formulation P2. With regards to bio-controlling activity P1 showed a lowerefficacy (less than 35%), while P2 showed an efficacy above 80%. The higher efficacy andstability of formulation P2 led to the selection of this product.

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