Diversité et importance des coléoptères dans les forêts de chênes (nord-est de l'Algérie)


Abstract: This comparative study focuses on the spatio-temporal variation in abundance and
richness of beetles in two oak biotopes, Quercus suber and Quercus canariensis, in the forest
of Ouled Bechih in the Souk-Ahras region, located in northeastern Algeria. Sampling was
carried out using trap pits installed in 2017. A total of 76 species belonging to 21 families were
identified. The results showed a significant difference in abundance and richness between the
two biotopes, as well as variation in these parameters over the months of the year. Both
biodiversity parameters were higher in cork oak forests. Beetle activity was higher during the
dry season, and phytophagous species were the most influenced by seasonality, especially in
cork oak biotopes, due to the influence of the associated floristic assemblage. Conversely,
coprophagous, predators, and polyphagous remained relatively constant in both habitats.

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