Drosophila suzukii new pest in Poland


Abstract: The spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii Matsumura, is a new, invasive pest causing a lot of damage to small- and stone fruit crops as well as economic losses for farmers in North America and in Europe. The monitoring of this pest in Poland has been carried out since 2012 by the Research Institute of Horticulture (RIH). Since 2013, observations of pest presence have also been carried out at the wholesale market near Warsaw. Between 2012-2016, the monitoring of flies was conducted in about 200 locations in all regions of the country. The first traps (plastic bottles, 2012) were prepared at the RIH and filled up with a liquid attractant (apple cider vinegar + red vine), based on the Italian recipe (Andrea Tandardinii). In following years (2013-2016), trials were also included other available traps and baits, e.g. manufactured by Belgian, Spanish, American, Polish and Bayer AG manufacturers. The first specimens of D. suzukii were caught in late autumn (October) in western and southern Poland in 2014 in Polish and Spanish traps. In 2015, the first flies of spotted wing drosophila were caught in early September in many regions of Poland. Some eggs/larvae were also found in blueberry and sweet cherry fruits in mid-September (fruit remnants). In 2016, the first flies D. suzukii were caught in mid-June in west part of Poland (close to German border). However, economic losses from damaged fruit have not yet occurred.

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