Effect of organic farming and reduced tillage activity on functional diversityand density of spiders


Abstract: Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) are one of the most abundant natural predators in agroecosystemsthroughout the world. They have great potential to suppress insect pests ofagricultural crops. In the present study the effect of two different management practices (i.e.,organic farming and reduce tillage activity) on the functional diversity and density of spiders wasinvestigated during the wheat cropping seasons 2009-2010. There was no difference in speciesdiversity in organic and untilled fields compared to the tilled fields. However, density of spiderswas significantly higher in organic and untilled fields compared to tilled fields. Number ofaphids/tiller in the organic and untilled fields was significantly lower compared to the tilled field.It is concluded that organic farming and reduced tillage practices are successful techniques topromote high spider density and is helpful in the natural biological control of aphids.

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