Effects of the plot landscape and pollen concentration on phytoseiid mites(Acari: Phytoseiidae) in three French viticultural regions


Abstract: The aim of the research activities conducted in the three French vineyards was toassess the landscape complexity effect on phytoseiid mites. Densities of these predatory mitesand of their prey were assessed during 3 years in 20 plots of each region twice per year.Landscape structure around the plots was analysed at different spatial scale (100, 250, 500,750 and 1000 m). Pollen density was assessed in Roussillon in 2 plots during 2 years (2014and 2015) each month, from May to September. Densities of Phytoseiidae were very high inthe three regions. Correlations between their densities and landscape complexity werevariable with the region, period of the year and buffer size. Pollen abundance has had apositive effect on densities of the various stages of Kampimodromus aberrans but variabledepending on the period of the year. The effect of landscape complexity on pollen density isalso variable between years of study.

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