Efficacy of a biological control agent and four fungicides in the control of postharvest decay in the pear cultivar Forelle


Abstract: Main pathogens isolated from symptomatic Forelle pears were Botrytis cinerea,Penicillium expansum and Alternaria spp. Iprodione and pyrimethanil significantly reduced totaldecay in 2010. In 2011 fludioxonil, iprodione, pyrimethanil and pyrimethanil plus imazalil werealso efficient. These fungicides decreased Penicillium expansum, Alternaria spp. effects andsecondary decay caused by Botrytis cinerea. The biological control agent Cryptococcus albidussignificantly reduced decay associated with a combined group of minor pathogens in 2011butwas not efficient against the major pathogens in either year, indicating that postharvest fungicidestested are effective in controlling postharvest decay of pear fruit surface. However, thesefungicides do not control calyx end decay caused by latent infections of Botrytis cinerea. In thiscontext Cryptococcus albidus does not appear as an effective biological control agent forpostharvest decay of Forelle pear.

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