Efficacy of control products against Bemisia tabaci Q biotype


Abstract: Bemisia tabaci continues to be a major pest of economically important crops worldwide. Within the UK B. tabaci remains a notifiable pest subject to a policy of eradication if found on propagators premises, plants moving in trade, and containment/eradication if outbreaks occur at nurseries. A range of chemical products and entomopathogenic fungi (EPF) were screened for their efficacy using the leaf dip technique against three life stages of B. tabaci Q biotype; eggs, second instar larvae and adults. There was a significant difference in the mortality of eggs after leaf dipping with the different active ingredients. Exposure to Tri-Tek, SB-Plant Invigorator, Gazelle, Dynamec and Certis Spraying Oil was followed by egg mortalities of 100, 96.6, 88.8, 84.1 and 67.8%, respectively. Efficacy of the products against the second larval instar stage also produced promising results. The fungus B. bassiana produced the highest mortality of all the products against B. tabaci instars (73%). The control given by Agri 50-E, Tri-Tek and SB-Plant Invigorator (all physically acting products) was also over 70%. Beauveria bassiana and Tri-Tek gave excellent control of adult B. tabaci with total mortality being obtained.

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