eMyCo – Ectomycorrhizal Community Database


Abstract: “Ectomycorrhizal Community Database” (EMyCo) is a tool planned for gathering dataconcerning the structure and characters of ectomycorrhizal communities, in order to study andcompare those present in different environments, particularly in the Mediterranean area. Theproject is made up by independent surveys, each one describing a community and its growthhabitat. The base components of survey are elementary taxonomical units, each described by asimplified set of morphological data relative to mycorrhizas, and by ITS sequences of thesymbiotic fungus. Values of abundance and frequency of each unit belonging to the communityare calculated. eMyCo presents a data search system suitable to compare different surveysinvestigations sharing one or more parameters. This approach makes easy to obtain in-depthinformation about the ecological preferences of any ectomycorrhizal fungal species, as well asthe relationships established with other species in the community. Moreover, eMyCo allowscalculating some ecological indices of a community and comparing those of differentcommunities. Finally, eMyCo may be used also for studying space-temporal variations of suchcommunities, so providing a useful tool to recognize bio-indicators of the forest health state.

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