Entomopathogenic fungi for the control of grapevine sap-sucking insects


Abstract: This study aimed to isolate entomopathogenic fungi (EPF) strains from soil samples
of vineyards, meadows and woodlands (Piedmont, north-west Italy) in order to establish a
collection to be tested for pathogenicity against sap-sucking Hemiptera (Scaphoideus titanus
and Planococcus ficus) and endophytic colonization capacity in grapevines.
Two hundred twenty-eight EPF were collected, identified and tested for pathogenicity
against the leafhopper Euscelidius variegatus as model organism using ‘conidial shower’
technique. Preliminary results are encouraging and trials against S. titanus and P. ficus will be performed in the near future. Moreover, preliminary tests of endophytization showed that part of EPF strains were capable of colonizing grapevine leaves and spreading to untreated plant tissues.

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