Erasmoneura vulnerata (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) is changing its pest status in Europe


Abstract: Erasmoneura vulnerata (Fitch) is a grape leafhopper widely distributed in North America. In 2004 it was detected for the first time in Europe, namely in North-eastern Italy where remained for long time a minor pest of vineyards. In 2016, the first outbreaks of E. vulnerata were reported in several vineyards located in the Veneto region (North-eastern Italy) and thus detailed investigations were carried out to shed light on this phenomenon. They showed that E. vulnerata can develop three generations per year and vineyard colonization by overwintered females was influenced by a marked edge effect. High E. vulnerata populations were frequently associated with a decline in the occurrence of native leafhoppers (e. g. Empoasca vitis and Zygina rhamni). The impact of natural enemies, in particular of egg parasitoids, proved to be low to moderate. At the same time, pesticide use did not provide satisfactory control in organic vineyards.

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