Estimation of the antifungal power of two essential oils formulated on the causal agent of Citrus dryness in Algeria, Fusarium sp.


Abstract: This study focused on the in-vitro estimation of antifungal potency on Fusarium sp., responsible for 75% of Citrus losses in Mitidja, a plain in northern Algeria, using two bioproducts of essential oils based on cedar and eucalyptus. The analyses linked to the antifungal power of the two bioproducts tested revealed that the two bio-formulations exhibited a fungistatic and non-fungicidal effect on the Fusarium sp. isolate which showed a resumption of the evolution of the mycelial diameter from the 7th day after treatment. Nevertheless, the cedar-based essential oil was more effective compared to that of eucalyptus. These same results revealed that the inhibitory power of the two essential oils tested increased with the increase in the concentration of the doses applied.

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