European network for the durable exploitation of crop protection strategies (ENDURE)


Abstract: The overall objective of this Network of Excellence (acronym ENDURE) is to reshape European research and development on pesticide use in crops and establish Europe as a leader in the development and implementation of sustainable pest management strategies. ENDURE aims to create a coordinated structure that takes advantage of alternative technologies, build on advances and complementary expertise in agricultural sciences, ecology, behaviour, genetics, economics and social sciences, and connect researchers to other stakeholders in extension, industry, policy-making and society at large. This multi-disciplinary and cross-sector approach is designed to foster the development and implementation of strategies rationalising and reducing pesticide inputs as well as reducing the associated risks. The specific goals of ENDURE are to integrate research capacity and resources currently fragmented across Europe, to enhance the research-to-R&D innovation process by creating working relationships between researchers and practitioners in extension and farming, to engage with industry, policy-makers and civil society to help define the research agenda, and to pass on knowledge, know-how and resources through training, education, and dissemination.

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