Evaluation of four different bait traps to sample wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae)infesting wheat and barley crops in Montana


Abstract: Wireworms are the most important soil insect pest of wheat and barley in Montana.Baited pitfall traps have been used in several studies in North America for sampling wirewormsin soil. Wheat, wheat/corn mixtures, oatmeal, and grain sorghum seeds as well as pieces of carrotand potato have been used as bait in underground pitfall traps. In general, wireworms wereequally attracted by all baits. Baited pitfall traps used to assess absence/presence of wireworms incrops and grassland is a more labour efficient method compared to sampling soil cores. Wecompared underground classical pitfall, pot, stocking and canister traps in spring wheat andbarley fields during the spring and summer of 2010. Captures made with the four pitfall trapsbaited with a wheat/barley mixture, along with seasonal distribution of the different species thatwere collected, will be summarized.

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