Evaluation of integrated management scenarios of the peach tree - Myzus persicae system using a crop-pest model


Abstract: Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) calls for an adaptation of production processes to improve crop quality and environmental safety. This approach gives priority to alternative methods of pest control. Our study investigates the potential of management scenarios that integrate chemical, biological (inundative release of Harmonia axyridis ladybirds) and cultural (nitrogen fertilization and winter pruning) pest control methods for the peach tree-aphid system. We used a modeling approach to address this question. We defined 108 management scenarios, which were based on theoretical pest control strategies combined with control variables relative to pest control and cultural practices. Then, we performed model simulations of these scenarios and studied the relationships between control variables and model outputs referring to agronomical, economical, sanitary (pest), and sustainability performance. Results showed that ‘agronomical performance’ was largely controlled by ‘agronomical practices’, while ‘pest performance’ was largely controlled by ‘pest control practices’.

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