Evaluation of kits of traps and lures for monitoring Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Terceira Island, Azores


Abstract: In the market, there are several types of kits of traps and lures for control (mass trapping) and monitoring of Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann. However, not all are fitted to be used under the Azorean conditions. In the past, several other evaluations of trap and lures efficiency were conducted and has been proven the importance of such studies in order to better advice the local growers. Since the publication of the European Directive 2009/128/EC, agrochemical manufactures were stimulated to develop new traps and new formulated attractants reached the market. Therefore, it is important, now, to evaluate such new products against the performance of the trapping kit presently used. Aiming for that goal, the present meant to evaluate three kits of traps and lures according to four categories: (1) its amount of medfly captures, (2) medfly-trapping efficiency, (3) practical advantages/disadvantages and (4) value per money. According to the results, statistically the first two categories under analysis, there are no differences between the kits of traps and lures. As for practical advantages/disadvantages this category falls more under each person preference, however, one must consider the grower’s knowledge and the traps field endurance. Despite of being more complex for the grower to prepare the kit of Conetrap trap, present study timeframe didn’t allow to evaluate thoroughly the field endurance, therefore one can only foresee that the trap of ConeTrap might outlast the Tephri and Maxitrap traps because it presents more elasticity in its structure and this is a potential must for this trap over the others. However, this needs to be confirmed over a larger timeframe (one year and a half). As for the value per money, the Maxitrap got a small score edge over the Tephri trap, while the Conetrap got a negative score. The final verdict of this evaluation, points out the Maxitrap as an overall better kit than the other traps.

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