Evaluation of the Ekomille® CO2 device as an animal welfare suppression system for rodent pests’ management


Abstract: Rodentia is the biggest family in the order of Mammalia, with over 40 % of the
species. The populations of a relatively few species that live in close association with humans
sometimes cause economic damage or become threats to the health of humans or domestic
animals. A few species of rodents are strictly associated to humans, and they are the cause of
serious direct and indirect damage, by consuming or fouling stored products, acting as disease vectors, or destroying infrastructure. In this context, rodent management is essential to preserve human safety. The trapping systems available on the market like glue traps, or snap traps, do not guarantee a humane suppression for trapped rodents, however other types like electronic traps or carbon dioxide single catch traps ensure a humane death but can make only a single catch. In this work the results are reported of the trials of a new suppression system Ekomille CO2®. The test was done to evaluate for each, the capacity of the carbon dioxide to suppress 10 black rats in a humane way inside the Ekomille®.

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