Evaluation of the occurrence of resistance in important species of storage pests to insecticides


Abstract: Insecticides belong among the cornerstones of the most Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs in grain stores and food factories. However, the steadily growing pest resistance may endanger pesticide effective use. Strategies for insecticide resistance management (IRM) are needed that include development and registration of new formulations and compounds (e. g., insect growth regulators, IGRs). Currently, there is a new EU HORIZON 2020 project dealing with development of a new insecticide and spray application for grain protection and estimation of resistance to some selected active ingredients. This presentation covers preliminary information regarding the obtained results on resistance of storage insects to insecticide sprays [with active ingredients (a. i.: deltamethrin, pirimiphosmethyl) and fumigants (a. i. phosphine)] in the Czech Republic and in some selected European countries.

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