Exclusion net to control spotted wing Drosophila in blueberry fields


Abstract: In 2012, the populations of spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii, caused high levels of damage in soft fruit production in Quebec, Canada. In an organic blueberry field, we tested exclusion nets as a physical control method against D. suzukii adults. Exclusion nets were compared with insecticide treatments and control. Baited traps were placed to catch D. suzukii adults and blueberries were harvested regularly to evaluate different parameters. No D. suzukii adults were collected from traps and blueberries of the exclusion net treatment. However, adults were caught in traps and infested blueberries outside the nets. Nets had no significant effect on sugar content, yield and damage from other pests. Blueberries harvested inside the nets were significantly larger than blueberries from control plots. The results for this first year demonstrate the effectiveness of exclusion nets to protect blueberry plants from D. suzukii infestations.

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