Expected CTV impact on the moroccan citrus industry after Toxoptera citricidaexpands to our region


Abstract: Citrus Tristeza has been among the most serious phytosanitary challenges of citrusthroughout the world since more than a century. It is still a continuous threat to the Moroccancitrus industry, as well as to the whole Mediterranean region, due to the extensive use of thehighly susceptible root-stock ‘Sour Orange’. In the Mediterranean region, so far only Spainand Israel have suffered heavy losses due to CTV. The other Mediterranean citrus producingcountries have not recorded any significant damage. Even though virus inoculum has beendetected in all countries, dissemination of Tristeza remains very limited. With the appearancein the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula of the Brown Citrus Aphid Toxoptera citricida,the most efficient vector of CTV, the Mediterranean region is confronted with the risk of amassive dissemination of Tristeza that will wipe out all citrus grafted on Sour Orange.Occurrence of such an epidemic outbreak will inevitably have disastrous socio-economicconsequences on all countries around the Mediterranean Basin, including Morocco. Thispaper attempted to assess the CTV impact on the citrus industry of Morocco when Toxopteracitricida will reach the country.

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