Experience-validated practical tips for IPM on protected crops and how to improve sharing and adoption of IPM knowledge


Abstract: The Sustainable Use Directive (2009/128 EU) came into force throughout the European Union on 1st January 2014 taking IPM techniques to the forefront of pest and disease control for agriculture and horticulture producers. There is a wealth of scientific information on the individual elements of biological control, but much of this, particularly in high end refereed journals, is not picked up by the grower users. Many growers and other users of IPM still fail to make the best use of basic IPM techniques. IPM brings together all aspects of pest control as the epitome of various techniques. There is a need to get this information across to users in simplified, practical terms. This paper will illustrate various IPM techniques that in our experience still are not used optimally by growers and raises the question: What should we, as IPM advisors, consultants and researchers do differently in order to better reach our clients to improve their IPM practice at the grassroots level?

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