Extension of the pathway analysis for the medfly (Ceratitis capitata): mtDNA variation among Morocco populations


Abstract: Once introduced, programs to manage or eradicate pest populations can havetremendous economic costs. Recently, to gain knowledge of probable geographic sources ofan introduction a diagnostic tool (pathway analysis) using mitochondrial DNA sequences hasbeen developed for Ceratitis capitata. We sequenced both COI and N5N4 markers fromMoroccan populations to update the reference database for the pathway analysis. In a secondapproach we applied a SAMOVA (Spatial Analysis of MOlecular VAriance, a without apriori method) to refine the geographical grouping described by the pathway analysis. Wefound four new haplotypes for COI and eight new haplotypes for N5N4. For the morevariable marker N5N4, the SAMOVA assumes a subdivision of the Mediterranean unit intwo groups, a Western one (Morocco, Spain and Portugal) and an Eastern one (Tunisia,Egypt, Italy, Israel, Greece and Malta).

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