Feeding behaviour of Lobesia botrana on leaves and shoots of grapevine


Abstract: The larval feeding behaviour of the grapevine moth Lobesia botrana (GM) ongrapevine leaf and shoot tissues in the absence of grapes is described. GM larvae were obtainedfrom eggs laid on the grapevine leaves in a field cage covering two rows of a Chardonnayvineyard in which all the bunches were previously removed. Larvae developed till pupationfeeding only on leaves and shoots and showed the characteristic leaf rolling habit of theTortricidae. All of them were able to pupate and to give adults that mated in laboratoryconditions. Females laid fertile eggs and gave rise to a new generation of larvae. Pupal weight,number of eggs laid, and longevity of leaf/shoot fed insects were compared with those of theinsects reared on berries and artificial diet.

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