Flying capacity of Psyttalia concolor and Chrysoperla carneaunder a UV-absorbing net (Bionet®) in presence and absence of crop


Abstract: Field studies were conducted in walk-in tunnels to determine the flying capacity in thepresence and absence of crop, of the parasitoid Psyttalia concolor and the predator Chrysoperlacarnea under a UV-absorbent net (Bionet®). Yellow sticky cards were used for insect recoverybut neither P. concolor nor C. carnea were very attracted to them, thus captures were too low topermit any meaningful comparisons. Bionet® did not seem to affect the mobility of any naturalenemy irrespective of the trap location and monitoring hour. Climatic conditions inside nets werevery extreme (average temperatures very high and relative humidity very low) threatening insectsurvival. New experiments are being developed, trying to find new attractants that permit asignificant capture of both natural enemies.

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