Forest decline and xylophagous pests on Quercus woods in South Apulia Region


Abstract: In the heel of Italy, the southern part of Apulia Region called Salento, some oak woods have been affected in recent years by severe desiccation and gradual decline. The strong desiccation can be attributed to various causes, such as xylophagous pests and presence of plant pathogens, in conjunction with abiotic factors as sudden lowering of the water table. In particular the encountered xylophagous pests belong mainly to bark beetles (Scolytinae), longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae) and jewel beetles (Buprestidae), with some of the collected insects infected by entomopathogenic fungi. The present study shows the phytosanitary situation of these oak woods with a detailed examination of xylophagous attacks.

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