Formulation effect over insecticidal activity of Phthorimaea operculellagranulovirus VG003 for controlling Tecia solanivora


Abstract: Two formulations of a Colombian isolate of Phthorimaea operculella granulovirusdesigned as emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and dispersible granules (WG) were evaluated underlaboratory, mesh house and field conditions, against the Guatemalan potato moth Teciasolanivora. In the laboratory test both formulations showed lower potency than unformulatedvirus, although there were no significant difference between their lethal concentrations. ECformulation significantly reduced larval population, incidence and severity of damage caused bythe insect in mesh house, while WG showed no effect on any variable. Formulation type had adifferent effect over insecticidal activity and EC, with a concentration of 1 x 107 OBs/ml, avolume rate of 400l/ha and a biweekly frequency, was selected as the most promising treatmentin the field, where it produced the highest field crop protection (83%).

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