Gaps in knowledge for modern integrated protection in viticulture:lessons from controlling grape berry moths


Abstract: Viticulture has an impressive range of progress for the future years concerning the useof integrated pest management. This can be illustrated by insect pest management for whichseveral tools have been developed or could be developed rather soon for an integrated protectionmanagement. The present talk aims at presenting through the experience gained in on insect pestor vectors management gaps and potential progress that can be achieved. The Europeangrapevine moth Lobesia botrana can serve as a case study to analyse the different possibilitiesthat can be used in IPM. Few existing examples of IPM compatible techniques will be presented:use of behaviour modifying chemicals in push-pull strategies, monitoring techniques,mathematical models, biotechnical insecticides (Bt) and natural enemies.The different advantages and limits are discussed, and we attempt to identify gaps wherescientific or development efforts are required to progress.

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