Glischrochilus beetles as pests of raspberry and strawberry fruits in Latvia


Abstract: Glischrochilus beetles, belonging to family Nitidulidae, subfamily Cryptarchinaeusually are not traditional plant pests and some are even predaceous species, however otherspecies may be vectors of fungi. In Latvia, several complaints about Glischrochilus beetlesfound in fruits of raspberries and strawberries have been received from growers during thelast ten years, and the same observations have been made by author. The observations showthat Glischrochilus beetles in raspberry and strawberry fruits become more common overtime. In July 2018, Glischrochilus grandis beetles were found in each of six randomlyselected ripened fruit collected from one Rubus idaeus plant of unknown cultivar at orchard ofInstitute of Horticulture, Krimūnu pagasts. Before 2018, Glischrochilus beetles damagingraspberry and strawberry fruits were incorrectly presumed to be “Glischrochilus hortensis”.The recent spread of two alien species Glischrochilus grandis and Glischrochilusquadrisignatus in Latvia may be the cause of more frequent observations in these crops.

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