How nutrient concentration, soil and volatiles influence plant health and the Bacillus – Trichoderma interaction


Abstract: Bacillus and Trichoderma strains are widely used for plant growth promotion and biological control of pathogens. Anticipating synergistic beneficial effects of a combined application, we investigated B. velezensis FZB42 and T. asperellum kd (Eco-TTM) interactions in situ and ad planta. Both are able to grow on root exudates of different crops. In dual cultures, a nutrient-dependent, reciprocal antagonism was observed. The inter-communication stimulates the production of novel volatile organic compounds (VOCs), e. g. 2,5-dimethylpyrimidine. Towards plants, volatiles of FZB42 influences growth of sugar beet and oilseed rape seedlings, and inhibit fungal plant pathogens. Soil treatment with Eco-T should be preferred over seed priming.

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