How to assess the role of genetically engineered crops in Integrated Plant Production?


Abstract: Integrated Pest Management (IPM), being part of Integrated Production, is the careful selection and balance of agronomic preventive and responsive measures taking into account agronomic performance, the health of farmers and consumers, and the protection of the environment. However, agricultural systems truly following IPM principles are not abundant in reality even though various elements of IPM can be found in many production systems. In general, there is no reason why genetically engineered (GE) crops per se should be excluded from IPM systems. The assessment if and how a particular GE crop could improve agricultural production in a sustainable, i.e. environmentally friendly, economically viable, and socially acceptable way, needs to be done case-by-case. The characteristics of the crop and the introduced trait, the production system of the crop in a certain region, and the socioeconomic context need to be considered.

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