Impact of the drought stress on the morphometric of the seedlings of Quercus suber L. of the west of Algeria


Abstract: Our study deals with the effect of water deprives imposed on hydroponic crops of oak trees (Quercus suber L.) taken from the west region of Algeria. The application of the various water stresses consisted in suspending the watering of the plants from the 6th week after sowing. The test was carried out on 450 Q. suber, the samples’ plants obtained by seedlings from mature acorns taken from three oak forests in western Algeria. Each plant was analyzed for growth, morphology, and physiology. Samples’ growth measurement was performed before and during stress such as weight leaf area and lengths which are the key to compare between origin. The results obtained from the calculated growth indices (RGR, LMF, SMF, RS, LAR) lead us to conclude that there are different ecotypes of the species Q. suber. This is due mainly to the marked polymorphism of this species, to adaptive characteristics of this species to the conditions of climate change resulting in response of functions of leaves and roots.

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