Implication du Calosoma sycophanta L. (Coleoptera Carabidae) dans la régulation des populations du Bombyx disparate, Lymantria dispar, au Parc national de Chréa (Algérie)


Abstract: Calosoma sycophanta is an antagonist that plays a significant role in the natural
regulation of Lymantria dispar populations in its potential range. During its activity, this
polyphagous predator feeds on the larval and pupal stages. Due to its voracious quality of
predation, C. sycophanta has been efficaciously introduced as a biological control agent.
Studies conducted on its behavior and occupation strategy confirm the effectiveness of this
beetle in a forest environment. In 2022, intense activity of this antagonist was noted in yeuseraie altitude exceeding 900 meters. The count of C. sycophanta population revealed a variable presence frequency exceeding 600 adults/ha in the first week of June. The perfect
synchronization of C. sycophanta population with the larval activity of the spongy moth is
noted. The calculated value ratio of the population is 0.90 in favor of females. In the
experimental conditions, the females lay from 1 to 14 eggs with an average of 6.47 ± 3.92. A
significant variability is noted in the population taken into consideration.

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