Improved biological control of ‘problem’ aphids on protected herbs


Abstract: Hawthorn-parsley aphid, Dysaphis apiifolia and mint aphid, Ovatus crataegarius are‘problem’ aphid species on protected parsley and mint respectively. Grower experience hasindicated that these aphids are not parasitised by the three aphid parasitoid species available untilrecently, i.e. Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus abdominalis. A new mix of sixparasitoid species is now available, including the above three species and in addition, Aphidiusmatricariae, Ephedrus cerasicola and Praon volucre. In laboratory bioassays, all six speciesexcept for A. ervi parasitised hawthorn-parsley aphid, and A. matricariae, E. cerasicola andP. volucre parasitised mint aphid. In semi-field glasshouse cage experiments, A. colemani andA. matricariae parasitised and reduced numbers of hawthorn-parsley and mint aphidsrespectively on parsley and mint.

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