Induced systemic resistance in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) to powdery mildewusing various control agents


Abstract: Powdery mildew, caused by Podosphaera aphanis, is one of the major fungal diseasesof cultivated strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duchense) world-wide. In the present research wereport the efficacy of various control agents in induced resistance in strawberry plants againstPowdery mildew. Inducers tested are Trichoderma harzianum T39, acibenzolar-S-methyl (Bion),a new protein hydrolysate inducer, an isolate of a bacterium and one of a yeast, and biochar.These agents induced systemic resistance when applied to the root zone, while the disease wasfound and measured on the leaves. In addition, we studied the effect of T39, Bion and biochar onplant defense related gene expression. We show that while Bion induced Systemic AcquiredResistance (SAR) only, as expected, T39 as well as biochar induced SAR and Induced SystemicResistance (ISR).

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