Insecticidal activity of Eugenia aromatic L. against the Angoumois grain moth,Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier), in rice paddies


Abstract: Insecticidal activity of clove, Eugenia aromatica L. against the Angoumois grainmoth, Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) infestation in paddy rice was carried out in the laboratory at atemperature of 28 ± 3°C and relative humidity of 75 ± 5%. Seed powder and seed oil extractsobtained using different solvents (hexane, acetone, methanol and aqueous) were tested against theeggs of S. cerealella at 1%, 2% and 4% seed oil concentrations. Results showed thatE. aromatica seed powder and extracts were effective against S. cerealella significantly reducingadult emergence and prolonging developmental period when compared with control. Howeverthis varied with the type of solvent used for extraction and the concentration used. At the highestoil extract concentration of 4%, extracts obtained using hexane and acetone caused 100%mortality of S. cerealella since there was no adult emergence. Adult emergence of 1.65%, 10%,11.65% were obtained from extracts obtained using methanol, aqueous and powder equivalentrespectively which were significantly different (P 0.05) between treated and untreated paddy seeds. Viability of thepaddy seeds was also not affected since the values from treated seeds were very close to thoseobtained from the control.

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