Institutional Membership 2024

For public research / teaching institutions; an institutional membership covers all employees of the unit holding the membership.

Membership benefits are:

  • Free online access to IOBC-WPRS Bulletins and other publications
  • Reduced registration fees for IOBC-WPRS meetings
  • Up to four free subscriptions to the paper version of BioControl
  • Supporting membership to IOBC-Global included (50 EUR/year)

Institutional members (max. 10 representatives) participate in the decision process of IOBC-WPRS. They are consulted:

  • To elect the Council and the Executive Committee of IOBC-WPRS
  • To take part in votes on important decisions taken during the General Assembly (every four years)
  • To elect the Convener of a Working or a Study Group

Please contact the Treasurer if your institution wishes to become a member of IOBC-WPRS.


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