Instrumentation for monitoring shocks suffered by a big-bag filled with seeds


Abstract: The storage of grains in hermetic bags allows to maintain a modified atmosphere.
The big-bag is a common type of bag, easily transportable with a forklift and can be sealed.
However, a big-bag can be subjected to shocks (violent handling of the big-bag, shock with a
moving forklift) and these shocks can damage the liner. With the objective of designing an
automated monitoring system with an embedded device in each big-bag, we are interested here in detecting shocks to a big-bag while minimizing energy consumption. We are therefore
interested in finding out the minimum acquisition frequency that can detect all the shocks that a big-bag stored in a warehouse can undergo. According to our observations, too few points representing the shocks are found below 50 Hz and depending on the chosen thresholds, the shocks can be difficult to identify with irregular amplitudes.

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