Integrated pest and disease management (IPM) for strawberry production in Sweden


Abstract: An Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPM) programme for strawberryproduction was evaluated in a series of studies carried out in 2010. The main aim was to identifysuitable field scouting tools and disease thresholds in field trials and to inform growers of IPMpractices. The IPM strategy was composed of field scouting, utilisation of an early warningsystem for management of Botrytis cinerea and inclusion of biological control agents/physicalpreparations in an overall management system. Although the study only lasted one year, theresults helped identify problems and possible areas for further research and development trials.Positive results were generally obtained using the Botrytis warning system BOTEM, while thebio-control organism Neoseiulus cucumeris demonstrated good effect in controlling tarsonemidmites.

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