Intraguild predation of non-coccinellid aphid natural enemies by Harmonia axyridis:prey range and factors influencing intraguild predation


Abstract: Although Harmonia axyridis has been recorded as an intraguild predator of variousaphidophagous coccinellids, little is known about its interactions with other aphid natural enemies.We assessed the intraguild interactions between H. axyridis and four non coccinellid aphidnatural enemies (two species of parasitoid plus two larval stages of lacewing). Petri dish trialsshowed that H. axyridis is an intraguild predator of 2nd instar lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea)larvae but not 3rd instar larvae. Predation of Aphidius ervi and Praon volucre parasitoid pupaewas only observed occasionally. Experiments at a larger spatial scale and in more complexenvironments are needed to determine whether these interactions are ecologically important. Theeffect of alternative prey density and alternative prey species was assessed on whole plants ininsectary cages. The density of alternative prey (pea aphid) did not affect predation of 2nd instarC. carnea by H. axyridis on bean plants. In contrast, aphid species may have an effect on aphidpredation and intraguild predation.

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