Invasive Fruit Flies of economic importance in Austria – monitoring activities 2016


Abstract: Fruit fly species (Diptera: Tephritidae) of the genera Ceratitis and Bactrocera are among the most serious orchard pests worldwide. Due to the increase of fruit fly interceptions in Europe in the last decade the status of different species of those genera was in focus of a monitoring in Austrian peach orchards. A total of 68 fruit fly traps was employed in the main part of the fruit production area of Austria and in the city of Vienna during the first season of the survey (2016). A total of 766 specimens of Ceratitis capitata, one specimen of Bactrocera zonata and one specimen of Bactrocera dorsalis species complex were caught. While C. capitata is considered to be established in parts of Vienna, it is assumed that the findings of single specimen of both Bactrocera species are due to accidental introductions. The confirmation of the sources of the findings is still in progress.

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