ITS sequences of the predatory mites Iphiseius degenerans (Berlese) and Phytoseius ibrahimi Döker & Kazak (Acari: Phytoseiidae)


Abstract: In this study, molecular characterization of the natural populations of Iphiseius degenerans and Phytoseius ibrahimi collected from Turkey are presented, as well as detailed morphological description of the former. Morphological examinations showed no indication of presence of any variations between this Turkish population of I. degenerans and the other re-descriptions. This result was confirmed with PCR techniques and it was concluded that there were no genetic divergence between an Italian, a commercial (Koppert®) and the Turkish populations based on ITS sequences. P. ibrahimi was compared with P. finitimus which is a common predatory mite in Turkey and a morphologically close species to the former. The results showed that the genetic divergence between these two species is 10% which supported their species status in the genus Phytoseius. Results of this study would be useful to support classical taxonomy and may also help the non-expert phytoseiid taxonomist for proper species identification.

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