Key parameters for the management and design of field margins aiming to the conservation of beneficial insects


Abstract: Edges of vegetation on crop fields may increase the abundance and diversity of natural enemies and pollinators. This study emphasizes some aspects on plant management. Germination, coverage and blossoming were registered on several plant species. Germination and plant emergence showed a great variation among species. High coverage plants (e.g. Coriandrum sativum) relegates small ones (e.g. Salvia verbenaca and Silene vulgaris) to the understory. Borago officinalis and Echium vulgare had extended blossoming periods, while Coriandrum sativum and Vicia sativa had short and peaked ones; Diplotaxis catholica, S. verbenaca and S. vulgaris showed an intermediate pattern. Guidelines for the choice and management of plant species are provided.

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